i don't remember how this turned into arthur completely wrecking this dudes head because it started out as play fighting, but it was awesome! a few minutes before this picture the guy was saying stuff like "i'll fuck anyone up!". not only did he not even hit arthur, but he just stood there and took the beating, cried about it when arthur voluntarily stopped the pounding, and then lied to everyone who didn't see the fight saying "he beat me with a led pipe"!


the dudes friend, a big muscle little brain kind of guy, actually believed that arthur used a led pipe. he wouldn't listen to our side of the story and just kept telling his pussy friend "whip yo shit up!" who was still crying and calling us "emo little faggots". it just kind of went in circles until the pussy, knowing he had the protection of his monster friend, decided to confirm he was the ultimate bitch by spitting in arthur's face, and thats how the night ended. it was one of the most frustrating things i've ever experienced.