Gus Van Sant redeemed himself 1000 fold with MILK.

I didn't like Elephant.. annd im not a very big My Own Private Idaho fan.. or Drugstore Cowboy fan.. sorry?
Good Will Hunting was pretty good and meh meh .. but anyway.

This one.

The acting, the casting, everything was amazing, but the look of the film was probably my favorite.
It was shot with mostly handheld 35mm with a really nice grainy color film stock, intended to be reminiscent to a 70's roll of 16mm. It ended up blending almost seamlessly with the abundant amount of authentic 1970's newscasts and super8 footage, creating a rare breed of grainy fluidity collaged together into a timemachine, where Sean Penn is Harvey Milk and we're all just watching a secret documentary... with some ass slapping, and some some cuuuuute gay boys to swoon over! (right, dust?!)

A lil' Sean Penn/James Franco sandwich with a dash of Emile Hirsch on the side.. with those cute lil glasses.. and I'm the bolognaeeee!!!

Anyway. My silly little words do nothing.

Round up seven bucks and go see a fine work of art at your local megaplex, if you haven't already.


(the real harvey)