Kin Ball!

for those who did not get introduced to this "sport" in middle or high school.
try it out.

Kin-ball is played with 3 teams of 4 players made distinguishable by singlets of
different colours. One team serves to start the game, shouting " Omnikin "
followed by the colour of the team they want to serve to. The opposing two
teams strategically place players to receive the serve. The receiving player tries
to control the ball, doing whatever necessary to prevent it from hitting the floor.
He must then wait until his team-mates scramble to his side to help him control
the ball and re-serve.

The object of the game is to prevent the yelled team from getting the ball before
it hits the floor. This is done by strategically placing the serve. Of course the
ball must be hit on an upward plane and must travel at least 2.5 meters.

If a team don't manage to prevent the ball hitting the ground, the two other teams
earn a point.

crowds from all over come to see the games.

a sport both boys and girls can play