fuck you fuck hippies fuck art schools fuck parking lots fuck hulu fuck couches fuck masterpieces fuck corn oil fuck the who fuck cops fuck bushmills fuck tsunamis fuck anti bacterial soap fuck 9v batteries fuck pop bands fuck supreme fuck churches fuck religion for that matter fuck theories fuck bed bath & beyond fuck reggae fuck will smiths current actions fuck the promise of 2012 fuck cape cod fuck surf boarders fuck jocks fuck active people fuck all of asia pretty much fuck the middle east as well fuck those people who sell heroin fuck the italians fuck old money fuck masking tape fuck the late shows on tv fuck chelsea fuck yale and columbia fuck allergies fuck pills their too addicting fuck marijuana culture fuck jiggly legs fuck george lopez thats his name fuck latter day saints fuck the pope fuck it fuck the president and all of the appointed leaders of fucking tomorrow bullshit fuck my computer fuck this time period fuck charles bukowski fuck the diary of ann frank fuck the sopranos fuck sports and sports bars fuck ann hathaway fuck the number 5 and pentagrams fuck satan worshipers and fuck them for believing in jesus because fuck it if you believe in satan you believe in fucking jesus so your a fucking mornon and its not fucking cool fuck hardcore fuck parcore no i take that back fuck jacky chan instead fuck jet li fuck chow young fucking fat fuck fuck tai chi bullshit fuckers fuck china anyway fuck homemade bombs for exploding fuck governments for sending children to fight wars fuck suicides fuck the promise of teleportation and fuck tares in the fabric of fucking time bullshit fuck space fuck resources fuck traveling fuck graffiti kids who dont do shit fuck people on boats fuck architects fuck artists fuck portland fuck san francisco fuck chicago fuck whatever city where people live in fuck brooklyn fuck upper west side fuck lower east side fuck san jose fuck ronald regan fuck autralian girls for having those fucking sexy accents fuck japan for being so conservative and act nothing of it fuck lofts fuck beer fuck wine fuck liquor fuck obsessions and addictions fuck women with fucking emotions fuck men with fucking emotions fuck emotions fuck sex fuck love and hate bullshit topics fuck walking down the street to buy fucking sticky notes from the fucking dollar store fuck the dollar store fuck thai food fuck mexican food fuck cuisines especially if its fucking fusion fuck that fuck food in general fuck banters fuck that new bar called banter on havemeyer fuck bars fuck starbucks for charging internet fuck coffee its too easy fuck organic bullshit your gonna die just as fast anyway if you dont fucking work out fuck working out fuck sweating fuck gyms fuck elitists fuck trying to be famous its bullshit who gives a flying fuck fuck everyone whos ever been in a high budget movie your all tools fuck you fuck watching movies or listening to music its just waste of time like how this is fuck nyquil fuck your lives on facebook its boring fuck twitter fuck blogger fuck tumblr fuck diseases fuck cancer fuck aids fuck stds fuck doctors who dont give a damn fuck nurses who dont give a damn fuck the over paid like i am fuck myself fuck it fuck erasers fuck erasing in general fuck trying to remember things fuck forgetting fuck nazis fuck idolizing cultures fuck embracing ideas by other people fuck the learning curves of today fuck the blues fuck banjos fuck bongos fuck blue grass fuck choir fuck glee fuck king of the hill fuck borrowed american cultures fuck people who listen to obama still fuck the youth fuck comedy fuck drama and science fucking fiction fuck everyones problems because im pretty sure your not in fucking africa and having been born with fucking aids and your just some spoil kid like i am so fuck you fuck being spoiled fuck parents who treat their kids with respect fucking smack them fuck rebels fuck kids who think their tuff fuck tattoos fuck train riders fuck punk kids who think their smarter than everyone fuck you if you think your smart at all because your wasting your time fuck it if you think that you can make a difference in anything fuck trying to do anything fuck it fuck marriages its all a sham fuck children their annoying fuck dreams because youll die before you reach them because youll just keep fucking adding to them fuck morrisey and the fucking smiths its fucking dumb fuck that fucking morrisey hair cut fuck shopping fuck being online for so long fuck trying to keep a low profile fuck having a profile fuck texting and chats fuck emails fuck message alerts leave me alone fuck you fuck me fuck stumbphy and fuck it but its alright because its all a fucking waste of time anyway so fuck it get high and do the universe a favor and fucking kill yourselves.